Dear quilter,

Welcome to The Sampler’s website. The Sampler is a Patchwork and Quilt Shop located in Haarlem. The Sampler, established in 1988, is one of the oldest quilt shops in the Netherlands and has been successful in our and especially your creative world for 35 years.

Various owners have managed to develop The Sampler into a center whose fame extends far beyond Haarlem, the Randstad and even the national borders. This fame is primarily due to the extensive collection of fabrics, the supplies and certainly also to the various educational workshops and courses. Highlights in 2019 were, without a doubt, workshops by famous Australian designers Lisa Lott & Louise Kerr and Michelle Yeo.

When you look at our website, you will find a number of categories.

The homepage starts on the left with a limited description of fabrics from various designers and manufacturers. You will undoubtedly recognize the names.

In the same category you also recognize the brands of batting and supplies that are available. Finally, a number of well-known magazines we sell are also mentioned.

Under “News and Agenda” planned workshops and courses are posted.

In the right column there is a list of all Sampler Newsletters. Nearly 2,000 e-mail addresses receive this letter every month. (Newsletter is written in Dutch.) You can register by sending an email to

The Blogs and Vlogs section is available for quilters who would like to broaden their creative skills. Also, if you are interested in learning more about our well-known annual Open Day in September, you can view a number of short films portraying these extremely enjoyable and more than well-attended days.

You will find The Sampler webshop under the three main sections. You will find thousands of fabrics, supplies, books, magazines, stamps, bags and much, much more. Take a moment and browse the pages at your leisure. You will be surprised!

Know that you can always place your order online. Shipping takes place within 24 hours.

If you are visiting the Netherlands, you are certainly welcome in our beautiful store in Haarlem. Only 25 kilometers away from the center of Amsterdam, you will find the Sampler in a 200 year old building, right next to the world famous Frans Hals Museum.

Everyone who visits the store will agree with us; not only is our shop worth a look, it actually fits seamlessly into the entire neighborhood. In the immediate vicinity you will find lovely courtyards, stepped gable houses from the 16th century and other showpieces from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Enjoy a lovely walk in the area, starting at The Sampler, Groot Heiligland 66.

You can recognize the store by the “Granny’s Quilt Shop” in the front window. This lovely miniature quilt shop is 80 years old and for that reason alone, one of the showpieces that we offer

You are more than welcome from Tuesday through Saturday from 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM.

For questions and information: